Monday, January 11, 2010

Hill Repeats and "High Arms"

I managed to do 12 x 1:00 hill repeats at 5km effort tonight (thank you lungs!).  It was dark, and I couldn't see my watch, so I counted 90 right foot strikes to estimate a minute and marked how far I got with each repeat.  Obviously my goals were uphill strength building and downhill strength building.  But, I also concentrated on form. 
I found that when I used Bobby McGee's advice for "high arms" and a small elbow angle, that I traveled significantly farther with my 90 strides.  The idea is that high arms and bent elbow result in a smaller pendulum.  Smaller pendulum means that the runner can increase his/her cadence.  Big bonus points if you direct your hands straight forward and backward, rather than crossing toward your midline.
It was simple and it seemed to make an immediate, painless difference.  It will be my focus until I turn it into habit.
Then, I'll start tackling my forward lean...

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