Endurance Coach

Endurance Coach

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bike Across America

Did you ever wonder what it might be like to bike across the country?  Jeff and I did it during the summer of 1997.  It was a life-changing adventure that we treasure and hope to do again.  If you have 6 minutes, you can watch Bret Taylor's group ride from Virginia to Oregon for MS.  They rode with a webcam that took a picture every 5 miles.  Looks like they couldn't use the camera on rainy days though.  Believe me, all bike touring days are not sunny!
Jeff and I were struck by the generousity and kindness of Americans when we crossed the country.  In an entire summer, we got only one slightly rude motorist signal on those quieter, rural roads.  Instead, many offered camping space in their yards, dips in their backyard pools and bought us breakfasts in town cafes. 

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Chris! YOU know I have always thought this would be a great idea! LOVE that you and Jeff did it and had such a great reception! That is good to hear!